Bouchra El Mansour
“ Pipe is an awesome person that has a very positive attitude, he is enthusiastic and cheerful. You will always see him smiling and enjoying life to the fullest. He is careful and very friendly. Anyone enjoys his company and you will never see him without his camera. He loves taking pictures. His photos are creatives and incredibles: pieces of arts!!” Love,.
Dorotea Pospihalj
“ Pipe is able to capture the essential on a set, as well as out of it. His passion for the reality seen with a camera, makes him express originality. He is always in company of his camera and ready to capture something precious to him or somebody else. It’s a different approach to the world of photography that we know.”
Juliana Rudell
“ Meeting Pipe and having him as part of my life is definitely a gift. I can’t remember the last time I connected so very well with someone from the first moment. He is an incredible, loving and sensitive human being, and I truly believe that all his attributes not only translate his work but also transform it in genius art. And it makes me really proud to be able to share this with other people.”
Minji Seo
한국에서 인사드려요. 알라뷰 피페 심플리
Francoise Elizee
“ From the moment I met Pipe, just about 8 years ago I felt like a super star. Pipe loves his camera so much so that he would bring it along wherever time led us. I felt like I was being followed by the paparazzi. His pictures were taken instantly but as I expected, his spontaneous camera shots came out as works of art. As a luxury handbag designer, I am always on the search for a photographer that expresses my vision which stands for luxury, elegance and being timeless. Pipe and I have worked on photo shoots together and he just gets me and knows exactly what I want and expect from a photographer. Pipe’s work is inspiring and limitless. I’m looking forward to seeing his work for many years to come. I trust my work with his talent. We make a good team.”
Tanja Djelevic
“ I can only try to describe Pipe, but the one phrase that comes to my mind immediately is “Carpe Diem”!! Not only his personality brews with love and joy but his photography depicts moments in life filled with emotions…I´m grateful to know such an artist and lover at heart!”
Anaisabel Mercado
“ Pipe is spontaneous yet refined. His photographs are filled with beautiful and glamorous subjects but his work is fresh, approachable. I always want to be caught by Pipe’s eye.”
Margarita Rodriguez
“ When your heart speak take good pictures”
Peggy Kovacic
“ While traveling in Europe I saw Pipe in Milan. Wherever we went Pipe would always carry his camera around his neck, ready to capture a moment, a facial expression or anything that cought his interest. The camera to Pipe is like a piano to a pianist, he knows exactly in what moment and what setting to take the picture and every picture turns out to be a piece of art. I have know quite a few photographers in my life who has the same gift as my friend Pipe but I have come to admire his art the most. His pictures allways tell a story, it shows emotions and it always feels alive. I truly admire his work and can spend hours getting lost in it.”
Nathalie Padilla
“ Pipe is capable to capture the most pure and natural beauty. His photography is spontaneous, fresh, real and full of energy!”
Rachel Alpert Giammattei
“ Pipe’s artistic eye is both unique and creative. His photography captures moments in time that can never be recreated and as the snap shot in our minds fade the photo will forever color in the faded parts and you can relive the moment.”
Carolina Herrera
“ Pipe es como el agua fria: refrescante. Estar a su lado es una delicia porque es ligero e interesante. Hasta ahora, lo he conocido mas por medio de sus fotos y me lo he gozado igual que cuando estuvimos juntos. Me encanta su sensibilidad, me ENCANTA su SER!”
Eric Figueroa
“ Pipe es un amigo genuino quien a traves de su forma de ser y su Arte logra ensenarnos que la belleza nos rodea constantemente… solo es cuestion de que le prestemos un poco de atencion a nuestros alrededores”
Sasha Pinedo Stevenson
“ I met Pipe several years ago in college and could tell right away that I really liked him. First impressions have not proven wrong as he has shown me to be a great person. He is easy to talk to, fun, caring, very creative, and very spontaneous; qualities that make for a great friend and a great artist. I love the way he found the courage to make a move and follow his passions…something very visible in all his work!”
Estefania Campuzano
“ I am delighted to tell the world how wonderful Pipe Yanguas is as a person and a photographer. I am struck by his eye, capturing every moment with so much love and passion. More than anything he is “super visual” and passionate.”
Carolin Gonzalez
“ Pipe Yanguas…...MARAVILLOSO!, muy creativo, profesional, divertido, stylish, su concepto en la fotografia GENIAL! i totaly love his work and persona.”
Gonzalo Mendoza
“ Perception creates our world, and that world defines our existence, when i see the world through Pipes eyes and photography i see a world full of beautifull simple things, thousands of amazing feelings and sensations caught in a moment driven by love and love is what makes the whole world go around”
Sandra Pineda
“ Quisiera expresarte algo sobre todo lo que proyectas.. eres tu mismo impreso en lo que creas, podría decirte que es la mayor claridad de la percepción, de la abstracción de la forma en imagenes infinitas que responden uno a uno respuestas para quienes podemos observarlas o podemos vivenciarlas…es un claro ejemplo de la simplicidad exquisita”
Diana Triana
“ Pipe lleva los ojos del mejor fotografo, su trabajo me inspira, ya que logra ver la belleza, energia, alegria, ternura, amor, espiritu, poesia y arte en las personas, si son pocas las anteriores. Y asi mismo su trabajo habla de èl.”
Daniela Darquea
“ Un prodigo de la fotografia, alegre, tierno, e increiblemente apasionado al igual que todos los momentos, gestos, e idiosincracias que eterniza en sus retratos. Un amante de la vida y de toda su belleza, con un talento indiscutible que no solo ilustra el momento capturado pero tambien la sonrisa permanente que El lleva en su alma.”
Angela Salgado
“ My experience with PipeYanguas photography has always been an exceptional one. He’s always capturing something special through the lens, something that nobody else sees… he creates a stories from simple moments.”
MariaJose Miranda
“ Pipe’s professionalism is captured in each and every shot. His style shows his creative nature.. Personally love admiring all his work.”
Raul Escobedo
“ Pipe es una persona sincera, amistosa, cariñosa, inteligente, culta, sencilla, buen amigo, confiable, divertido, alegre, trabajador, dedicado. Alguien que me ha transmitdo momentos muy alegres en mi vida, que siempre llevo en el corazon, alguien que se que siempre estara cuando necesite de el. te quiero pipe”
Margarita Pizarro
“ Pipe tu talento es innato…Tus fotografias son espectaculares…sigue trabajando igual que seguramenete vendran muchos mas exitos para ti.”
Alicia Maza
“ Pipe Yanguas is an amazing artist. I love his art and his photography. He is a true inspiration with everything he creates and with how he lives his life.”
Martha Velez
“ I have known Pipe for years and have nothing but praise for him and his work. Every photograph has a playful sense of beauty that seems to capture not only images but also emotions.”
Angelica Vargas
“ Pipe me encanta tu trabajo. las fotos que tomas son muy profesionales; con una tendencia fresca, chic y moderna; mostrando la expontaneidad de las personas desde diferentes situaciones. Love it!!!!”
Isabel Thomasi Paiva
“ Hablar de Pipe es fácil, porque el tiene todas la cualidades que una persona puede tener! Es amigo, sincero fiel, alegre, chistoso, responsable, tiene una sonrisa hermosa y lo mas importante, tiene un corazón del tamaño del mundo!!!! Claro que todo eso se refleja en su trabajo espectacular como fotógrafo. En sus fotos podemos ver que el lo hace con pasión! Yo lo quiero tanto y soy muy agradecida a Dios por tenerlo en mi vida!”
Bea Pernia
“ Pipe es un artista con una vision unica, en su fotografia se dedica a capturar la belleza de los momentos, la expresividad, espontaneidad haciendo una foto naturalmente hermosa, algo dificil de encontrar!”
Olga Otalvora
“ A bright, free spirit, charming, ingenuous, sensitive, people-oriented, open-minded, fun-loving, intuitive, original, creative thinker with a strong sense of values, who practices the joy of living and extends it to those around you.”